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Back to the Future The Ride Theme Park Graveyard 15 Antique Gold

Back to the Future The Ride Theme Park Graveyard 15 Antique Gold


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The Demon rollercoaster at Australia's Wonderland, Sydney, was one of the more popular rides

Planet Coaster's most incredible player creations

Back to the Future The Ride (Theme Park Graveyard) 1.5" Antique Gold Enamel Pin

Bedrock City, in Arizona, invites you to meet the Flintstones no more. Photo

Sydney Wonderland shut its gates for the last time in 2004. Picture: Tracee Lea

How Old West Theme Parks Misrepresent California's Pioneer Past - CityLab

Jeremy Thompson/CC BY 2.0


Remnants of Wonderland waste away in theme park graveyard

Theme parks seek to calm fears after Alton Towers crash

All your favourite characters were featured at the theme park.

One of the paddleboats from the former theme park.

Another of the rollercoasters at Alton Towers (Photo: Getty)

Studio Sarah Lou/CC BY 2.0

Inside the boneyard of Sydney's Wonderland.

The former Invertigo coaster (Removed 2011)

Galleon's Graveyard was dismantled and taken off site by its new owner.

Old graveyard in Elazig, Turkey


A share bicycle graveyard viewed from the air in Xiamen, south-east China

Mr. Toads Wild Ride Themepark Graveyard 1.5" Antique Gold Enamel Pin

Thrill Rides[edit]

Connect. Discover. Share.

Chinese bike share graveyard a monument to industry's 'arrogance'

Explore these abandoned places around the world1:50

Knott's original berry stand, Buena Park, California, circa 1926. Orange County Archives, CC BY

click to enlarge Chet's Melody Lounge, as seen from Resurrection Cemetery - FACEBOOK/CHET'S MELODY LOUNGE

San Gabriel Cemetery

Fifth Annual West Laurel Hill Cemetery Sustainability Fair Returns June 15

November 30, 2004. They started removing The Demon Station.

Rides and shows[edit]. Camelot Theme Park ...

Bam, his oldest son Angel, and nephew Carlos move their belongings

Lone Fir Cemetery

Tombstones below beautiful tree in Arlington National Cemetery

Full view

Universal City as it looked in 1916.

red dead redemption 2 sound track. '

Shimona Carvalho/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Stories in Stone tours at Hamilton Cemetery


Knightmare Ride, Camelot

Grave marker of convicted and executed murderer William Henry Burkhart.

An aerial view of the Wonderland wasteland.

I came back to fresh new trails weaving through the old ones I used to hammer out intervals on. Coming back to fun, challenging new trails was a very ...

What's left out of this picture? Orange County Archives, CC BY

Viper, seen in the foreground, was constructed in the park in 1990

Grass grows around discarded paddleboats.

9428 USA Releases

Prague's Old Jewish cemetery is the last resting place for more than 100,000 people who had been buried here since the 15th century.

The inequalities on tombstones did not disappear until after the turn of the century. With the rise of lawn park style tombstones of the modern age, ...

What's left of Sydney's Wonderland after it closed in April 2004.

11 of the World's Most Underrated Amusement Parks

Toxic caterpillar outbreak across southern England sparks health warning | The Independent

Huston Cemetery, West Des Moines

Full view

Four years ago I relocated to Vancouver Island in British Columbia to train with the cross-country National Team. Moving away from Québec and leaving behind ...

ESCAPE Adventureplay Theme Park (15 ...

Crystal Mill, photo taken July 2015 by Brandon Tormanen.

Fifth Annual West Laurel Hill Cemetery Sustainability Fair Returns June 15

Police graves destroyed, defaced with swastikas in Berlin

The grave of James Waller Somers at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It is located in Chandler Gardens (Section 12), just a short distance behind the J. Ross ...

The Third Man | 1949

Nestor Company Studio — Known as “Gower Gulch”

Full view

Galleon's Graveyard was dismantled and taken off site by its new owner.

Elite Restaurant- Club 33 opened in May 1967 as a secret venue for entertaining important celebrities, politicians and park investors.

Why Westerners misinterpret modern Chinese art – and how perceptions can be changed | South China Morning Post

Guide for Practitioners 2 Conservation of Historic Graveyards by Historic Environment Scotland - issuu

The 1970s at Universal Studios — Shooting Schedule (Left) and Prop Plaza (Right)

Ohio: Spring Grove Cemetery

Archaeologists are now digging around what they believe to be an ancient temple in the modern

Full view

Ocean Park on Hong Kong Island is Hong Kong's best theme ...

Into the hills we ride

Evil Queen's Appearance- If you watch the window above the ride, you can see the Evil Queen looking out every so often. She appears every 20 seconds or so.

Parents pick up their children at the Arcade Elementary School parking lot after the tour. Permission slips are distributed at Arcade Elementary School.

An early birds-eye view of Universal City, built on the Taylor Ranch property, in the 1910s. [California State University]

An old ice cream sign, left to rot.

Micheal Welsing/CC BY-ND 2.0

Monuments at the Putney Vale Cemetery

La Recoleta cemetery during the day

The Old Town Rotary Club is assisting the Old Town Elementary School in implementing a pilot project to place children's books on the school buses used to ...

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Coney Island Amusement Park makes a great day excursion from Manhattan

Jewish cemetery, Prague

Hillside Burial Vaults Tour.jpg


Falls Lake and The Studio Tour (1964)