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Botswana unveils blue diamond to rival the Hope Diamond Things Im

Botswana unveils blue diamond to rival the Hope Diamond Things Im


"Botswana unveils blue diamond to rival the Hope Diamond" - Botswana has unveiled a

The close-to-flawless oval-shaped diamond has been named 'The Okavango

Okavango Diamond Company released this picture of a newly-discovered ultra rare blue diamond,

Botswana unveils 'once-in-a-lifetime' blue diamond that could become the most expensive in the world | Daily Mail Online

'The Okavango Blue' is a Rare 20-carat Blue Diamond Discovered in Botswana. '

The Hope Diamond flanked by the Heart of Eternity diamond (left) and the Blue

The Hope Diamond: Researchers have determined that they can form at depths of at least

Botswana unveils 'once-in-a-lifetime' blue diamond that could become the most expensive in the world | Daily Mail Online

The Hope Diamond is now kept at the U.S. National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

Blue Diamond to Earn $35 million at Auction

A Christie's employee poses with the 14.62 carats Oppenheimer Blue diamond during a preview in Geneva

The Hope Diamond is a large, 45.52-carat (9.10 g), deep

Diamond Ring Purchased for $13 as Costume Jewelry Sells for $848K in London | KTLA

... this blue beauty (weighing at 45.52 carats) comes with a sinister legacy 📘 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ the hope diamond is one of the most famous ...

5 Incredible Facts About This $31.8 Million Blue Diamond | FOX40

The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous jewels in the world, with ownership

5 things to know for May 23: Weather, Washington, Botswana, Philippines & Canada, AI

Graff's Lesedi La Rona is the largest square emerald cut diamond in the world. Photo

Diamonds are shown in a file photo.

Socialite's Emerald Necklace, 36-Carat Diamond Share Spotlight at Sotheby's Geneva

"Rarer Than Diamonds: Hublot's Big Bang Paraíba Brings a New Precious Stone to Watchmaking

5-Carat Fancy Vivid Blue 'Ai' (Love) Diamond Could Fetch $15

Flawless 'Bubble Gum Pink' Diamond Fetches $7.5 Million at Christie's Hong Kong


"88-Carat Flawless Diamond Fetches $13.7 Million At Sotheby's Hong Kong" - A

This took me way to long I haven't posted in a while. This is a bit of a backstory of Steinmetz and her sister Rainbow Diamond. I hope ...

"The Company That Sells Love to America Had a Dark Secret" - The pay. "


#washingtondc #smithsonianmuseum #hopediamond loved seeing the Hope Diamond 💎 I think should live with me!

Rare Blue Diamond Sold for $17.1 million: Sotheby's

$30,000,000 Diamond at the Oscars

As Alrosa Focuses More on Color, Miner Unveils Largest Pink Diamond in Its History

"The Diamond's Enduring Place In History" - In every culture and part of the

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Diamonds Are Forever

I really enjoyed drawing my own Hope Diamond I love this dress 💙💙💙 #hopediamond #diamond #su #stevenuniverseoriginalcharacter #stevenuniverse #suoc ...

All-Diamond Ring Crafted From a Single Rough Gem May Fetch $250,000 at Benefit Auction

'Opal Peacock' Brooch Showcases One of the Finest Examples of October's Birthstone

Dutch Tech Company Creates 133-Facet All-Diamond Ring to Mark Its 10th Anniversary

Legendary 'Jonker V' Diamond Returns to Christie's Auction Block After Just Two Years

"Above Ground" Diamonds VS "Earth Mined" Diamonds · "

Pyromorphite, the fusion of my Topaz and Hope Diamond!!! . . . . . #gemsona #fusion #artist #charcterdesign #drawing #art #Topaz #HopeDiamond #su #sufusion

-Botswana unveils blue diamond to rival the Hope Diamond. Botswana has unveiled a blue diamond whose value could outstrip that of the storied Hope Diamond: ...

Barbara Sinatra's 20.6-Carat Engagement Ring Tops 'Lady Blue Eyes' Collection at Sotheby's

'Perfect' 88.22-Carat Oval Diamond to Headline Sotheby's Hong Kong Auction

Sotheby's had promoted the earrings as a pair, but offered them as separate lots. Any fears that the Apollo Blue and Artemis Pink would be separated forever ...

Sotheby's to Auction Rare 7.59-Carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond

Graff Unveils First 67 Diamonds Cut From the 1,109-Carat Lesedi La Rona

Famous 'Diamond Planet' Is Actually a 'Sapphire Planet,' New

6-Year-Old 'Tiny' Dutton Finds $10,000 Bridal Set, Teaches Big

Lucara Recovers 1,758-Carat Diamond at Karowe Mine; It's the Second-Largest Ever

Diamond Legends and Myths

The Cullinan Diamonds

71-Year-Old Grandma Unearths 2.63-Carat Diamond at Crater of Diamonds State

Image may contain: text

"Queen Victoria's Stunning Crown Is Set to Go on View at the V&A

The Four Cs of Diamond Grading

Here's the Largest Round Brilliant-Cut Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ever Graded by GIA

Exceptional Pink and White Diamonds Put Letšeng Mine Back in the News

PA 'Picker' Pays Pennies for Antique Ring Box and Finds Diamond Treasure Hidden Inside

Drake's New $400,000 iPhone X Case Is Set Edge to Edge in Blue Diamonds

10 Best Deodorant Wipes That'll Stop Sweat Fast

A set of diamond rings sits on display in a window of Tiffany & Co. store in New York. , Photographer: Daniel Acker

Diamond producers are increasingly selling their rough goods through auctions rather than the traditional setprice sights

However, when offered for sale at Christie's New York, one fetched $50,000, while the other commanded $305,000. Why the big difference?

Bejeweled Foundation

Ohio Man Gains a New Appreciation for 'Stupid Little Ring' He Lost 30 Years

A selection of Argyle pink diamonds from the 2007 tender shows a range of color depth

Aquamarine, Not Just For March Anymore

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Swarovski to Enter Natural Diamond Market

A 203 carat diamond is more like a paper weight than anything you can actually wear. The Millennium Star Diamond is the largest flawless pear-shaped diamond ...

Absolute perfection: World's largest 'flawless' diamond could sell for more than $20million

Golden State Warriors Unveil the First-Ever Reversible Championship Rings

Diavik Mine Yields 552-Carat Yellow Diamond, the Largest Ever Found in North America

diamond wedding rings

NPF Case postponed to the 6th of June

a close up of a device: Diamond ring in jewellery box (Getty Images/

Her dad was J.B. Duke, the founder of the American Tobacco Company. Among her prized possessions was this diamond-and-platinum necklace designed by Cartier ...

"Lucara finds largest uncut diamond in recent history in Botswana mine" - Lucara Diamond

KHSL Temperatures

Diamonds are Everyone's Best Friend

“This isn't a fundamental situation. This is basically what happens when China doesn't buy from Canada and the U.S.” Bloomberg

See the Hope Diamond in its New Setting, Unveiled Today at Natural History

Petra Sells 425-Carat 'Legacy of the Cullinan Diamond Mine' for $15 Million

A sapphire-and-diamond brooch dating back to the 1930s is expected to get a lot of attention at Sotheby's sale due to its unique pedigree.

-CHART OF THE WEEK: Netflix to Sell $2 Billion of Bonds in Return to Junk Market. Netflix Inc. is returning to the junk-bond market to fund its content ...

2712 Hope Diamond Court | George Wilson ...

Photograph of Hope Diamond

'Beaumont Necklace' Fetches $3.5 Million, 36-Carat Diamond Achieves $5 Million At Sotheby's. "'

Exhibiting the most highly prized velvety deep green color, the 37.82-carat Chalk Emerald is displayed near the Hope Diamond in the National Gem and Mineral ...

Lesejane to unveil 'Photography Redefined'

5 things to know for May 23: Weather, Washington, Botswana, Philippines & Canada, AI

DC Day 2- National Mall with lots of statues and sights to behold. Washington Monument, WW2 Memorial, Korean War Memorial. I met Abraham Lincoln, ...