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Brooklyn Kirchner BrookeyBabe on t

Brooklyn Kirchner BrookeyBabe on t


Brooklyn Kirchner

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Brooklyn Kirchner • 3,655 Pins

I haven't seen this on here before, but I'm probably wrong - FunSubstance

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Brooklyn Kirchner • 350 Pins

dating ...

Children ...

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Brooklyn Kirchner • 350 Pins

Apparently I need to decide my future and career and what not but I'm not an adult yet so OBVIOUSLY I can't REALLY be an asexual, I'm just a stupid little ...

Brooklyn Kirchner • 106 Pins

education ...

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Good Parenting Skils.

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Even in friend groups though. It might not get as bad as shipping celebrities, but shipping your friends is just weird and uncomfortable too.

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"Why would you do this" lol

15 Things You Need For Your College Dorm Room

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i didn't know that but this is so fucked up

Cassie Kress

ZZ Alarcon

VSCO ...

Hilariously ...

Marissa Morales

well damn.

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Tumblr is life.'s photo.

education system: The hypocrisy that is the American education syste.

This is sadly so very true

11 Times Tumblr Nailed Anxiety To a Tee

17 Times Tumblr Roasted The Shit Out Of America

This is the story of my life…

You know the school system is messed up when you realize it's not about learning anymore

Rustic Distressed Linen Design Wedding Invitations | Zazzle.com

Having my individual way of thinking criticized, told that my logic is wrong, and