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CropCircle Apocalypse John Macnish Crop Circles Makers Government

CropCircle Apocalypse John Macnish Crop Circles Makers Government


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The “best evidence” in many people's book for an otherworldly origin is the apparent complexity of the circles. But to underline the human perfection that ...

One little-known account states that in the first half of the 20th century, the existence and origins of crop circles was quite well-known.

CropCircle Apocalypse John Macnish Crop Circles Makers Government Cover Up | Metaphysical Paranormal Unexplained | Bamboo cutting board, Cutting Board, ...

Colin Andrews's pole shot of the Doug and Dave swastika from 1989.

Since the early 1990s, the crop circle phenomenon has become part and parcel of the alternative scene, and specifically the science fiction industry – and ...


Both from the air, and when viewed on the ground, this formation is a technical disaster. In terms of demonstrating their abilities, it only exposes their ...

Busty Taylor's image of the Cheesefoot Head quintuplet. Scan by Terry Wilson, taken from the Andrews and Delgado book Circular Evidence.

Despite Andrews' 2001 conclusions, cerealogy has not moved with his 80-20 conclusions. Hence, cerealogy today or in 1995 is very much the same.

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With more than 20 years' experience, he couldn't make a single circle, and it wasn't just any old error he made, but a fundamental ...

From their early efforts in the late 1970s, for five years, their efforts went unnoticed. When their creations were finally receiving some attention, ...

2019 Circles: Norridge Wood, near Warminster, Wiltshire

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Some real circlemakers flatten out 'Doug's' circle!

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Lectures -The Circular Challenge Crop circles in 2007


A crop circle consisting of multiple circles

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... thus proving how easy it was for two aging gents to execute a complex circles design. This is what they created for the world to see:

Future Weapons - Future Weapons intertitle

Robert Macnish

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Olivers Castle 1996 Crop Circle Still, since this faked footage, a number of other videos have shown anomalous lights circling over or near crop circles, ...

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Behind the Green doors lies the heart of a mighty Empire.

2019 Circles: Chesterton Farm, Cirencester, Gloucestershire

The Tully case is but one in several – if not hundreds – in which reports referenced UFOs leaving certain marks on the ground – and if that ground was a ...


This week in the city of Westbrook, Maine, a huge, rotating circle of ice formed on the Presumpscot River. While it seems like it could be an omen of the ...

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Colin the Star signs autographs.

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Também foi levantada a hipótese de que os círculos poderiam ser manifestações do fenômeno poltergeist,

Apart from this notorious incident, England anno 2007 “only” had 50-odd circles, with around one hundred circles – twice as much – worldwide.

2019 Circles: Spiers Lane, Chilton Candover, Hampshire

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Description: Hysteria grips California in the wake of the bombing of Pearl harbour as an assorted group of defenders attempt to make the coast defensible ...

The experience also gave the media the idea to seriously test the scientific capability of the cerealogist. Hence, in 1991, Channel 4 would use a group of ...

Abaixo, formação surgida em Bishop Sutton, em 20 de junho de 1995, mostra

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Man Attempts to Carve Peace Sign Into Maine's Colossal Ice Disk With Chainsaw

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Did Crop Circles Down A Warplane?

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examinados cuidadosamente. É até mesmo possível andar ...

The UFO Connection


Advertisement for Swedish Railways. Photo by Malcolm Hanes

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Last year, a team of scientists embarked on a mission to explore the seafloor exposed when a Delaware-sized iceberg popped off the Antarctic Peninsula in ...

Debunking the Bower & Chorley Story: why Crop Circles aren't all Hoaxes

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formações, disse a si mesmo que gostaria de encontrar um desenho que tivesse satélites e

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0316288 the 0146477 of - Computer & Information Sciences - PDF Free Download

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