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Do you ever get halfway through the snowy cold months and think

Do you ever get halfway through the snowy cold months and think


Do you ever get halfway through the snowy cold months and think "gosh, it

Denver weather: We just got hit with a lot of snow. Is the 25-month streak in jeopardy?

After a pretty below-average December and January, February is close to setting a Twin Cities snow record

Photo by Hans Splinter

Winter Road

The start of 2018 has seen unprecedented snowfall in the Alps. With resorts cut off by snow-covered roads or high avalanche danger it's hard to think now ...

But I think there is an excellent chance we will break another record, this time for cold.

Sequoia National Park, California Winter Day, Winter Season, Winter Magic, I Love

Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal in winter.

Winter Weather Lashes The Great Lakes

7 Winter Safety Myths about Dogs You Shouldn't Believe. During the summer months, there's ...

We're halfway through winter now and any of you who purchased winter tyres will probably be thinking about how long you can get away with using them for.

Maria Dorota

When is First Day of Winter?

I just read an article in Thrillist ranking all 50 states by how miserable they are in the winter and I am annoyed. Not only did the writers rank Michigan ...

The last time there was enough snow to measure at this location was on Dec. 17, 2008, when 3.6 inches of snow fell.

Smile Politely

Aurora over Lake Superior with Chair and Beer

One of the coldest air masses in years will envelop the Midwest and the Northeast this week bringing potentially life-threatening low temperatures to the ...

Safe Driving Tips for Winter Road Conditions

Washington is the snowiest big city between Richmond and Boston so far this winter

In Hokkaido, the Ultimate Japanese Snow Country

Winter Blues

Arctic chill at 85F below zero – So cold, Eskimos advised to stay inside!

On the summit of a snowy Mt. Ellinor in Olympic National Forest

This capture of a magnificent snowy owl by Robert Metcalfe was the top post on our

Protect Your Mental Health Through the Dark, Dreary Winter Days. We are just about halfway ...

My mom has spent months trying to catch this snowy owl on camera ...

When the weather outside is frightful, these boots are so delightful

Best things to do in Tromso in winter (Norway)

Snow on the Hoof: How Deer, Elk and Other Western Wildlife Cope in Harsh Winters

9 cozy winter cabins & lodges

But then, since the start of New Year things have moved up another gear still, and with some ski areas unable to open their slopes because of the physical ...

powder day mt bachelor

kilimanjaro weather

Winter in Maine

The Weather Network - February's 'snowiest city in Canada' will surprise you

Winter tyres are becoming increasingly popular among UK drivers, particularly with all the bad winter weather the country has experienced in the past few ...

These daring kids are taking appropriate risks by experimenting with building a jump on our very

A winter wedding ceremony arch in the snow, adorned with pine and florals

A winter storm bringing heavy snow is on its way to East Anglia. (Image: David Johnson)

Thredbo turns on a bluebird day.

2018 has been full of weird weather so far

(AP Photo/Felicia Fonseca)

snow photography tips a beginners guide

Historic Snowfalls – A Look Back At The Biggest Snowfalls Australia's Ever Seen

Langjokull Glacier Iceland

Farmers' Almanac Releases NJ Winter 2019 Forecast: It's A Doozy | Point Pleasant, NJ Patch

Question: Is the solstice the start of winter or the mid-point of winter?

Image titled Keep Running During Snow Season Step 7



Winter tyres are tyres designed specifically for use in cold, wet and snowy conditions common to the winter months. Contrary to popular belief, winter tyres ...

What It's Like to Drive in the Winter When You Have Anxiety

How to have Pacific Northwest winter adventures—safely

The ultimate guide to the snow season: Things you need to know before you go

tips to surviving your first winter up north. I have ...

I knew that I had to get outside to run today. It was just too beautiful not to. Sadly, after eight long hours at work, ...

What does an active tropical season mean for snow in the Tri-Cities?


The 'Little Snowblower that Can' attached to it's two fifty foot chords. Gets the job done!

By Kathryn

15 Beginner Tips for Winter and Snow Photography

Microspikes - Microspikes are the perfect piece of gear for when the snow is heavily packed down on a relatively gradual trail.

The Official Heartland Blog

Do you ever get halfway through the snowy cold months and think “gosh, it really would be nice to escape the cold for a few days?” I'm with ya.

A Perfect 10-Day Itinerary for Norway in Winter

A winter for Atlanta's record books — and it's only January

MediaHate it or love it...I wish I could jus go back to that first time playing.

Hiking the Main Range Track to Mount Kosciuszko

These are the days Bedford can expect SNOW this month - Cambridgeshire Live

Here are the best gloves you can buy:

Driving in snow and ice in The French Alps

Tips for Winter Bicycling

How to Plan a Colorado Winter Vacation for Non Skiers in 2018 | Peak 1 Express

Adi shares a winter day-trip to Liechtenstein's only ski resort town and some great

The Ultimate Photographer's Guide to Japan in Winter - Vallerret Photography Gloves


Ready! Photo by Severin Sadjina

Drivers that are speeding are sliding off of Interstate 40 amid snowy and icy conditions. (Photo/Arizona Department of Public Safety)

Cat skiing in Niseko Japan with Niseko Photography

Well, Japan too is having an epic season and the Pacific Northwest is looking good now too, with Mt Baker rapidly gaining ground on Engelberg.

Whiteout Conditions

What to do in Thredbo other than ski

A jacket can help keep your dog happy and safe when hiking in winter

... will be a snowy one for the mountains of the Western United ...

Thredbo has had its biggest fall of snow since the season started. Source: Aedan. Planning a trip to the Snowy Mountains – here's why you should.

National Weather Service Releases Winter 2019 Forecast For CT

Kosciuszko Summit Walk

Of course, the 2018 ski season is only halfway through. Let's see what the rest of this remarkable winter will bring?

What string cheese camp are you in?

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