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Frosty the serval wild animals Big cat rescue Serval cats Serval

Frosty the serval wild animals Big cat rescue Serval cats Serval


Frosty the serval

Frosty Serval keeping an eye on things. Photo by Keeper Afton. Find this Pin and more on Big Cat Rescue ...


Frosty ☃ Serval is 23 years old. In human years that makes him 138 years old. Find this Pin and more on Big Cat Rescue ...

Frosty Serval is pretty flexible for an old guy! Photo & Text by Afton Tasler - Big Cat Rescuepic.twitter.com/B3yEhKfMxN

Frosty was born here in 1995 and is the father of the only two white servals in the world, which were born here at the sanctuary. Big Cat Rescue stopped ...

Overview & Details about Frosty Serval's emergency vet visit - video dailymotion

Frosty Serval waiting for his turn to get treats.


Big Cat Rescue

Go to BigCatRescue.org/vet and watch as Frosty serval gets sedated. Frosty serval is sedated because he has been refusing food for the past few days and has ...

These ...


Big Cat Rescue - An Educational Sanctuary 12802 Easy Street - Tampa, FL 33625 FROSTY. Male White-Footed Serval

Big Cat Rescue

Frosty Serval is a comical cat. Afton said, "SMILE" and Frosty said, "RASPBERRY!"

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Frosty Serval says, "SHOUT OUT TIME!"

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Frosty Serval invites YOU to check out today's Big Cat Updates.https://

F1 Savannah Cat


A close-up of a serval.

A beautiful rare white Serval. Photo Courtesy of: https://bigcatrescue.

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Frosty Serval goes on Funcation!

Serval : WHF Big Cat Sanctuary : 04 May 2017

Frosty Serval Moves Back Outside

Savannah Cat Head


"Good night, Friends," says Frosty Serval Photo by MaryLou Geis. "

Serval House Cats How Big Are Cats Domestic Savannah Cat For Sale

Frosty - White Footed Serval - Big Cat Rescue

Keep an eye on http://Facebook.com/BigCatRescue to see the vet visit streamed live.pic.twitter.com/exkEEZLjAf

serval ...

We will not be a part of anything that could cause the same to happen to golden colored servals. We do not breed cats, nor sell cats at Big Cat Rescue.

Singing Servals!

A serval in South Africa

Tonga, a White Serval. Read more about him in the blog text.

Golden Color F1 Savannah Cat

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Serval by BigCatChris

'Ezy' basking in the sun by samdyn

In addition to albino and spotted "white" servals, piebald servals have been observed. These had a similar pattern of markings to a tuxedo cat: belly, ...

The Savannah Cat

Serval (Leptailurus serval). Forgotten Felines the Seven Small Cats of Africa

Savannah cat

Frosty Serval says, "Big Cat Updates have Posted."https://

... many trials and learning experiences, Carole and her husband Don, came to realize big cats should never be kept as pets and the Big Cat Rescue was born.

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January is a busy month for Birthdays at Big Cat Rescue. Often times when we

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A leucistic serval at Big Cat Rescue

Silver F1 Savannah Cat. F1 SavannahyC at Silver. savannahcat-11.jpg

Happy Birthday King Tut Savannah Cat

John and Imani

Laura and I took a tour of Big Cat Rescue, a 67-acre sanctuary that is working to end the trade of exotic cats as pets and also rescues exotic cats from ...

Cheetah : WHF Big Cat Sanctuary : 04 May 2017

Africa's Other Cats


serval house cats kittens for sale 3 savannah cat big house cats . serval ...

The Big Cat Times. Holiday 2009. In this issue. THREE LEGGED SERVAL ...

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Gray Selkrik Rex cat with curly fur, small ears and round, yellow eyes


Argo's Pride F1 Savannah Kittens

Rescued Serval kitten - Leptailurus serval - approaching with photographer behind. - Stock Image

White Serval Big Cat Rescue

Zycari Serval Cat says, "HAPPY CATurday Afternoon!"



Second: They aren't trying to close down zoos and sanctuaries. DO they love zoos? Some of the staff don't, but they're not on a mission to shut them down.

The Bengal cat is a highly intelligent breed characterised by its wild, leopard-like appearance. It is also incredibly active and playful with an ...

Big Cat Facebook Cover Photos ...


Лея желает всем сладких снов 😊😻😻 #сервал #каракал #кот #pets

Diablo Savannah Cat 2015

File:Serval in Tanzania.jpg

Gilligan, a Canada Lynx, rescued at an auction where he was in a filthy, tiny crate. IMG_2534. Zucari, a Serval ...

I love these delightfully cute, huge ears of Savannah kittens!

The lion is perhaps one of the best known of the Magnificent Seven

Bobcat Yawn

World's biggest cat. F2 Savannah photo © Kathrin Stucki A1 Savannahs
One of the world's

serval ...