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Good job keep going Natalie Dalvarez GBSS LondonMarathon

Good job keep going Natalie Dalvarez GBSS LondonMarathon


Good job keep going Natalie Dalvarez #GBSS #LondonMarathon

Group B Strep Support on Instagram: “Good job, keep going Natalie Dalvarez # GBSS #LondonMarathon”

Pin by Group B Strep Support on Instagram | Great run, London marathon, Running

Group B Strep Support on Instagram: “Successful 5km Fun Run in aid of Group B Strep Support (GBSS) Beth Emery and her wife Helen organised a 5km Fun Run on ...

Group B Strep Support (GBSS) news has just come through, reading through it

Pin by Group B Strep Support on Instagram | How to plan, School, Lake District

We were delighted to be invited to speak at the University of West London's Student Midwifery

Gangi Girls with Miss Majorette of America, @laneypuhalla ❤ #baton #twirling

#tbt Do either of these twirlers look familiar? Coach Alicia and current Strutter Camryn's

When you find the photo booth props, the day just got better 🤣❤️

If you are pregnant please ask your midwife about how you can get tested for Strep

Photo Credit: Rachel Krebs

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Hi all 😀 Two of my brothers have arranged a charity football match on the 14th


Of course the top of the poster would be cut off! 🤦 ♀️

All smiles at the end of vacation boot camp. 😀😃😄😁 #gangigirls

So pleased that this important trial has been funded. Looking forward to working with the

Grace writes “The day I found out my daughter Violet Esme was going to be

Charlie Bruce #TeamGBSS #London Marathon - "Its a huge honour to be running

Natalie's page

#author #writer #educator #islander #islandman #westindians #indiewriter #website

One day to go before I embark on my #wainwrights

Running a Marathon on your bucket list? - Join GBSS Marathon in a Month in

All smiles after today's pre-contest practice with Billie❗ #gangigirl #gangistrutters


Group B Strep Support on Instagram: “Looking forward to cheering on the #TeamGBSS runners in today's Virgin #LondonMarathon - we're just after mile 13 ...

We all defo can relate🤣🤮 #crustytoes #taraweeh #prayer #toes #

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I had such a wonderful time with these fantastic women. Quote of the walk,

Have you ever heard of Group B Strep? No me either until i almost lost

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Join our #TeamGBSS Cheer Team for the #LLHM London Landmark Half

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The Government knows about Strep B and so does the state health system. Why aren

Senior Strutter Megan passed on her very first baton bag to Strutter Aaron as his very

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Thank you so much to everyone who has already sponsored me or else left me messages

Year 9, Bar Mitzvah, Lake District, Challenges, Inspired, Fundraising, Number


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Over 50 years of friendship through both good and bad times! #friendship #meafordontario


Group B Strep Support on Instagram: “Meet Amanda one of our 2019 London Marathon runners "I am absolutely delighted to be running the London Marathon for ...

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Have you already signed this petition asking that women be offered testing for group B Strep


So tomorrow, my 6ft turd bag starts his GCSE's! You have faced many battles

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We've had lots of new people joining us recently - you are all so



So pleased to have been with the fabulous midwives at Whiston Hospital talking about #groupBStrep

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So much fun just being in the same room as these kids. #goodluck #



Group B Strep Support on Instagram: “A massive thanks to Kelly Neill Dance Co for organising a #Danceathon to raise money for GBSS.

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The only tie I take with me wherever I go ... #NoSeriously #

"My newborn was hours from death after developing common infection I'd never. "


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Emma Hood #TeamGBSS #LondonMarathon - Im so proud to be running the 2019 London


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Group B Strep Support on Instagram: “Join us for The Big GBSS Bake Sale this 1-31 July! Take on the challenge with family, friends or colleagues and raise ...


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Group B Strep Support on Instagram: “Do you have a question about group B Strep? Ask us here, or email us at info@gbss.org.uk or call us weekdays on 01444 ...

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GBSS SNOW DAY TWIRLING CHALLENGE!!!! Miss. Alicia here! Get on

Great meeting this morning with Sir Ed Davey MP and parents Alison and Justin Clark whose


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We are hiring! (closing date 9am Friday March 22nd) - We are looking

Thank you to Gillian for sharing her experience of group B Strep in both her pregnancies

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Pregnant? If you want to test for #groupBStrep carriage ask your midwife. It's


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Great Board Meeting this afternoon - our Board members give so generously of their time expertise

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A massive thanks to Kelly Neill Dance Co for organising a #Danceathon to raise money for GBSS. . Over a week students took part in n… | Keep It Moving | How ...