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HowToBeADad on Instagram The tables have turned kiddo By

HowToBeADad on Instagram The tables have turned kiddo By


HowToBeADad on Instagram: “The tables have turned, kiddo! 😏 By @adriennehedger

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “The threat of a fiery death is the best morning pick me up! By @simoncholland”

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To each, his own..battles are not easy. But they do make

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “Oh how the tables have turned. On us. By twitter.com/diegxrubixe”

So many fire trucks, so many sirens 🚒 #TakeAllTheBatteries #NowTheseAreOutsideToys #Help #

A Guide to Kid Fibs

We've all done it.

Instagram post by HowToBeADad.com • Oct 28, 2017 at 5:10pm UTC

The accuracy 🙄 . #parenthood #momlife #toddlers #toddlermom #kids #pickyeaters

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “R.I.P. kiddo. by twitter.com/iwearaonesie”

My Wife Just Texted… #336

I told myself that my Cakestagram would need to include some parenting humor. It just

@momweek - Mom Week Instagram Profile - insta01pho.com

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “I absolutely LOVE this. 🧸 (credit unknown)”

25) So THAT's how it is, eh, kiddo?

So I decided to post this on a Monday for a few laughs 🤣 Let's be


Sometimes I extend my hand for a sarcastic introductory handshake when my wife asks silly things that she should absolutely know about me by now, ...


HowToBeADad on Instagram: “Ahhhhhh, my kid studied at the same school of music apparently. 😂 Follow @therealramblinma”

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “Adorablewhelming 😂😍 Source: @micah2.0”

Dear New Moms, I hope you don't get stage fright because from now

Oh my god, yes! No matter how hard I try and believe it will

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “Nature is majestic. 👟 Follow @kate.from.maine”

Creator of parenting blog 'Man vs Baby' & Author of Sunday Times Bestsellers: 'Dummy' (U.K.) / 'Man vs Baby' (U.S.) and 'Man vs Toddler'


I think this is a pretty accurate description 😂 😁😆🤣 .

First workshop of 2019! 💪🏽🔥 I can't imagine a better way

Cleaning Up A Toddler's Mess

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “I like your style, Mrs. [red mark]. Anyone else? Via @beigecardigan”

We got to try out the #Cineplexclubhouse at East Hills Cineplex this weekend - the

co-sleeping isn't for everyone 😑😒


the results are in... if you don't know now you know

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Best repost ever! Tag the creator! 😂✊🏽 @easyaintmommin ❤ #

A lot of things are talked about prior to bringing a new baby home. Names, nursery decor, baby registry and more. But sometimes parents make assumptions ...

2.28 am ❤ @easyaintmommin ❤ #momlife #momminainteasy #easyaintmommin #toddlermom

the results are in... if you don't know now you know! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “.. moms get less sleep than dads, a trend that starts right away and lasts until ...

Is this day over yet? Where's the wine? ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙

fowl language comics — And yet, still alive. Bonus Panel Instagram

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Right now, around 4000000 dads in Sweden are swearing that spring is here😛😂

Posted @withrepost • @helenetheillustrator Being a mum is a WHOLE new level of tired

A mic, a good book and the task of reading aloud. An ideal morning

Where are your DWZs? #fatherhood #dadsforlifesg #newdad #dads #fathers #

Beware of Clowns



Turn ...

Nothing beats a warmth and nice baby cuddle! Nothing! #babiesbabiesbabies #dad #

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This page definitely got it right! I have no idea where they learned that word

Tonight we finished reading our first "read aloud chapter book". One day she

Preschool Playtime Tip of the Week: ⠀⠀ Pull out the Play-Doh®

I was checking out some of the hilarious people I follow on Instagram on Facebook. 🤓 I started noticing lots of negative comments on funny videos that have ...

sometimes you just need a few more minutes alone 🤷🏽 ♀ .

I browsed the BestCanvas.ca website and found the perfect Canvas Print almost immediately! Having never ordered a canvas print online before, I wasn't quite ...

Keeping your house clean while kids are still living in it is next to impossible.

|•welp, no denying she's mine•| @howtobeadad .

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Who's ready to make the deal??... #devil #devilcomic #

@beckyb38 and I are finally home with the little guy.

📸@howtobeadad #momlife #mommylifestyle #mommyhumor #mommyhood

By Let Me Start By Saying By Kim Bongiorno

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Ariadne is so sweet most of the time, but today we have been at war

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The tables have turned, kiddo! 😏 By @adriennehedger · Ersa Lovely (@ers_luv) Instagram Profile Photo

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “Maybe try smiling with juuuuust a little less nuclear energy there, kiddo.”

Have you got yours yet???- Buy a tote bag for $5.00 and

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Every Wheee Get Fit & Play Stroller Fitness Class has a Mommy workout portion, followed


I was just toggling on the web from one blog to another then i 've

50 Shades of Grey Parody 50 Shades of Brown Poster

🎤Ever felt like there is so much more to mom life than is out in the open? Yep. Me too. . My friend @mommajules _01 and I have launched a podcast to get ...

But every second is worth it! 😁 who agrees? #babyjokes . . . #bigtionary #letthembelittle #babywords #momspresso #kidswords #mominfluencer #momblogger ...

HowToBeADad on Instagram: “This made me sad and happy. Maybe that's where “sappy” came from. Credit unknown”

Winter Session is starting soon the week of Jan 16th!

Oh, so that's where it went 🥁🌪 . . . #credithowtobeadad #howtobeadad

Shh kitty is sleepin #babygirl #Dannikatatum#lovehertodeath #adorable #ilovemykiddo #kitten

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Decided to pick up a bottle of @hotshotssecret Diesel Extreme today.

Now I want to work at the movie theater! 😭😭❤ Follow us

I am humbled and honored to have been offered a privilege to learn from the individuals who have inspired me to think, to work hard, and to reach for ...

Alternative Diets for Parents

Chris Armstrong ( @fitdadscook ) · #repost from @howtobeadad this is ...

You are too full of everything that makes you whole to ever be loved in halves

Juanpa Zurita (@jpmza2) Instagram Profile Photo

I thought it was gonna be "go out" or "take long bath" I should have known hahahaha😂😂😂 #newmother #babyjokes #funny #babies #goodmom

Motivational Monday on Tuesday, due to the holiday: We will continue this weeks series

hiphopteaterkollektivet. HTK SummerCamp är tillbaka! I år samarbetar vi med @turningtablesswede