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IMG0765 by Fly Obsession via Flickr streamersbucktails Fly

IMG0765 by Fly Obsession via Flickr streamersbucktails Fly


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Fly Candy

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Rumaging through my fly image folder I found these weighted jigging tube flies I tied several months back for Zander/Walleye/Kuha, using the new Eumer ...

Fly Candy - Musky madness

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Gold fff flash,Brown, yellow and black bucktail, Red/brown microbarb saddles and a tightly packed yellow and black deerhair head. The images aren't up to my ...

The trailing hook is combination of Chartreuse and black chinese cock hackles. followed by a sprig of chartreuse bucktail.Then 3 green grizzly barbed micro ...

Great Lakes Steelhead Fly Patterns | finished fly great lakes angry leech purple…

These have been great tube fly to fish with this last season. The Red/White ones have been by fay my most productive colour combo.The second from the bottom ...

If this doesn't push a lot of water on the surface then I don't know what will, and if you think this ones over the top, then your going to shit yer ...

"Salars Nemesis" Fly Fishing Lures, Fishing 101, Best Fishing, Steelhead Flies

I started by tying on at the back the peacock eye feather. Then wrapped 3 red xmas tinsel pipe cleaners all along the hook shaft to the eye.

Tube fly Candy

I2 Intruder Purple/Black - Gaspé Fly Co.

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Fly Candy

Purple Zonker Intruder Fly Fishing Lures, Pike Fishing, Squirrel Tail, Salmon Run,

Pike tube flies

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Fly Candy - Musky madness

I used this fly last night and had several strikes at it before I eventually bagged one. Whether it was the same fish that was patroling up and down the ...

More Tube fly candy from my vise this weekend.

1/16 Oz FL Crappie Jig

When I looked at the flies other fly-fishermen are using to target Walleye/Zander, I found the only criteria they followed was to generally have a weighted ...

Ohio Central Basin Steelheaders: The Most Interesting Woman on the Planet

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Translate Pike fly-fishing articles

His specialty are flies that swim which makes tying them very time consuming, with attention to detail absolutely crucial his main objective is to keep the ...

Stan Headleys crippled midge variation

Baltic Pike Flies

Artistic flies....-Venom-..and -Scorpion- By

I spend a lot of time trawling the net as well as through old books looking for vintage pike flies. Whether its my fascination with the history of the sport ...

Homemade Fishing Lure Blog: Antonicont Handmade Lures #fishingbait | Fishing Lures - Flies and Baits | Pinterest | Homemade fishing lures, Fishing lures and ...

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The 'Punk Rocker' display fly by Pat Cohen. The Fishing Obsessive with Hooks in His Garage

The five most productive steelhead flies on the Skeena River

Here is a great little fly called the bushpig which can be modifid to suite pike on the fly by slightly lengthening the amount of materials you tie on.

Atlantic Salmon Flies of Nova Scotia Poster, available for sale 19*28 inch $20.00

I didn't use any schlappen on this fly but stuck with the wider black chinese cock saddles instead. Total length 12" inches.

It doesn't look like it but this fly is another tandem double rig.The main body has been tied on a Partridge Ultimate predator 4/0 hook while the tail I ...

Instagram post by Fly dreamers Fly Fishing • Feb 13, 2015 at 4:04pm UTC

An Interview with Tim Rajeff - The Fundamentals of Fly Casting. Lago Verde - Fly Fishing Soul

Gas Companies Want More Drilling on Wyoming Sage Grouse, Pronghorn Habitat

I started fly fishing in 2007 and bought my first fly tying vise in 2010!

Anyway over the last 2 months I've really taken a good hard look at the design of a typical Zander/walleye jig, from its weighted head to the rubber tail to ...

Karen Williams was attacked by a black bear while running a marathon in the Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico, less than three miles from the ...

micro intruder fly

John Gierach once wrote "If you fish the wrong fly long & hard enough! it will sooner or later become the right fly!"

In Lieu of the fact that it was the Royal wedding yesterday, I thought it would be great to mark the occassion with a commemorative fly.


The Maine Sportsman - August 2017 by The Maine Sportsman - Digital Edition - issuu

I'm sure at some stage in the up and coming season I'll be flapping these out on a stretch of water somewhere around the island.

Perfect Hunting Dog: The Best Breed for Your Hunting Style | Field & Stream

Skunk-Buzz 2

Here is a regular Mustad 34011 long shank hook next to the Gamakatsu SL 12S BIG GAME 6/0 Saltwater fly hook. Sure the Mustad has a longer shank for tying in ...

Fish skull edition (click to enter)

12) Now you're fishing with your son, and all the memories of

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Fly Fishing in Patagonia, Argentina Kayak Fishing, Fishing Places, Destin Fishing, Going

Pike Photography

Jager photo shoot

Here's a badass decal/sticker that would be fit to grace any snotrocket fly-fishermans fly box. Marked down from $9,95 to $6.88 from Ident-i-cards (fishing ...

Not sure weather us pike fly-fishermen really have the need for wearing buff's but if your into that kinda stuff then click the image to get yourself a pike ...


While tying up a batch of streamers for a fly swap, GFF partner Bob Petti

Unfortunately with everyone still in bed and no one to man a camera I Only managed to take a quick snap of its head with the fly in its gob just to ...

A big shout goes out to Ulf Hagstrom for sending me these new Pike fly wallets from Sameo in Sweden. Made from neoprene They are made to last and obviously ...

Fishing Flies

Catfish Mask Green Fish Mask Photo Prop by theRasilisk on Etsy, $3.99

Don't throw them away after you've fired them off, they not only make fantastic action discs for the front of your fly,but also ...

Slide your wire leader (I use LOOP Pike wire) through the front of the tube out the back.Tie onto your hook and slide the hook into the tube.

The front pack has two large zippered pockets which I'm able to keep two boxes of assorted flies in, as well as a pair of sharp scissors, Fishing licenses, ...

CMYK Girl by br Pavel Sabelnikov via Depthcore Collective

Click the image for a larger clearer view of this chart. Would have liked to have seen Pickerel and also the Amur pike there as well.

Now I use industrial plastic coated thread for all my flies which come on slightly wider bobbins than the normal fly tying ones (They're half the price and ...

Anyway Easyfly sent me out the “Charlie's - Total control stripping tray” to try out this summer and although I prefer a more solid/rigid basket, ...

This has had me blending up a batch of different colours mainly out of Black, Misty black, Natural belly, Steelhead silver, Olive so as to be able to ...

IP Blocker.

Overall though it is a sturdy strong reel capable of holding a large amount of backing a line on it.

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