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Making Unschooled Kids Learn Maths Just in Case Unschooling on the

Making Unschooled Kids Learn Maths Just in Case Unschooling on the


Save. Should we make our unschooled kids learn maths in a formal way just in ...

Making Unschooled Kids Learn Maths Just in Case: [Podcast]

Making Unschooled Kids Learn Maths Just in Case

In Unschooling to University, Judy Arnall, a parenting expert and ' unschooler' to five kids, makes the case for ditching the classroom.

When an Unschooler isn't Interested in Maths...What if our children

Making Unschooled Kids Learn Maths Just in Case


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Learning math while unschooling

Rise of the home 'unschoolers' – where children learn only what they want to

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After I published this article about why we unschool our kids, I got quite a few requests for more detail. What does unschooling look like in practice?

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More families are deciding that school's out - forever


relaxed homeschooling

Sometimes I see unschooling being described as mere trickery. It's a way to convince children to learn. You just sneak lessons into everyday activities, ...

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Should my child learn algebra & other forms of higher math?


People have a lot of justifications, a lot of things they tell themselves (and often aggressively insist to other people) to try and make it sound better.

This post is part of a 5-post series on organizing your unschool. Make sure to check out the other posts to help you in your unschooling journey!

Unschooling - the natural way to learn

... Unschooler Rayn Samson at his home in Pune. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint

Now, my daughters always get geared up for these events, as they know a crowd full of eager entrepreneurs just love to support their business endeavors.

Our little unschoolers at ages 5 and 3.


Unschooling: Laws & How to Start

When I was just ...

How “unschooling” can help our children avoid summer learning loss

I am sitting here at my desk, it is grey outside and I am thinking back to my schooling, it was a long time ago. I struggled at school.


We Don't Need No Education

Myth #5: Unschooled kids never use any sort of books or curriculum

Source: In a study ...

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Children at a play session at Sharmila Govande's self-learning space in Pune. Photo

Unschooling vs homeschooling: why we chose to unschool

Children as the 'Center of the Universe'

These books start at Kindergarten and go beyond college level math. You basically read a chapter then do some math problems at the end of each chapter.

Unschooling: A Life of Freedom


Class Dismissed: It's Not Homeschooling, It's Unschooling

Unschooling the Kids shared a photo.

There's a general idea that unschooled kids don't use curriculum or textbooks. But that's not entirely true. They DO use them if and when they WANT to use ...

Unschooling and curriculum don't really “go” together since the whole point of unschooling is that you don't need a curriculum to be able to learn.

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