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Morningmaking gradual progress on this slow and steady still

Morningmaking gradual progress on this slow and steady still


Morning...making gradual progress on this... slow and steady,

Morning...making gradual progress on this... slow and steady,

Spent the last few evenings scraping mould lines from these kits. Looking forward to actually

Im still not finished with the first ruin,

Take a sneak peek on the new frame. #paint40k #paintwarhammer40k #chaos #

Yesterday i got a present from my fiancee. So today i will do my first

jeremy.lindner. Got my dry brush on this morning!

TUTORIAL!!! I'm attempting to paint this Ultramarines Primaris Inceptor to a

Finished 🤗 Thanks for the pictures @lux_graphic @nilsrechberger #warhammer40000 #warhammer40k #gamesworkshop

"Trailing Hunter" .. Space Wolves Primaris by CMM. If you're interested in a commission, don't hesitate to contact me.

More Terrain WiP Basilicanum . Before and After dry brushing

Still dithering about with positioning on this. Definitely close though. #

These boys fun and challenging to paint! Getting closer.. #blacktemplars #primaris #inceptors #primarisinceptor #darkimperium #warcolours

Not had much paint time over the past few days but still managing to make slow

Starting to piece this together slowly. Working up the base structure. #warhammer40k #

A new terrain commission to build a church for House Cawdor gang of the Necromunda Underhive

Got some nice feedback for my blue scheme on the #basilicanum for the #sectorimperialis

The snow is falling softly on our Berkshire hills this morning making the town feel quiet and peaceful. The Governor released designated funds for emergency ...


sherek661. A little changing to put all this minis in to this thight space.

Pulpit and side chamber. Multiple photos

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1959 - Taylor, N. (ed.) Early Travellers in New Zealand [Selected Accounts--Some Augmented with Missing Sections] - JOHN JOHNSON.

Page 1

Beasts and Super-Beasts

Free activities in the regional parks of Murcia during June 2019 Activities for all the family are available in the regional parks this month Murcia ...


immersive_world_crafter. Ground cover for the debris applied and primed ready to accept paint a

Southland – the final 4 days felt a LOT like we were back in the North Island. We got a lot of it all – farm tracks, road walks, muddy forests, ...


Title The Voyage of the Discovery Vol II

8th June Cabo Pop Festival warm-up Cabo de Palos Cartagena Live music, food trucks, art, DJs with free kayaking and stand-up paddle This is a taster night ...

How to Overcome Anxiety, Panic, and Stress and Reclaim Joy

2019 High School Graduates

All of that was achieved through stories, telling and listening. Sarita's weapons in her struggle to save the endangered Amazonian manatee, were coffee, ...

Inceptor recaptured #paintingwarhammer40k #paintingwarhammer #photography #art #paintingminiatures #paintingminis #miniaturepainting

It's ...

All Command Squad in one shot. Also bye bye to Inceptors. Hopefully they will

... la foire du trone Clemlittleworld-20 ...

Her Acts In God's Story

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A Peek At What's In Our Fantasy Shopping Cart

"On To Chicago"


pages of the book as a bird flying away

“Civic Federation Supports Metropolitan Water Reclamation District's FY2019 Tentative Budget,” Civic Federation In an analysis released today, ...


immersive_world_crafter. Update to main structure.

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It's slightly warmer, most likely due the combined effects of gradual warming since the LIA and ...

Still Ling persisted with his friend in his request to see the Pyramids, and still Metellus resisted.


The work on the new loop will progress slowly, as it is prosecuted under the most unfavorable conditions. The vast throngs of people that pass the corners ...

Why 'No' is the New 'Yes': The All-encompassing Secrets to a Longer, Happier, Healthier life

November Market Minute Report

Abby, hot cross buns & reading progress

Title The Irish Guard in the Great War, Volume I, The First Battalion



Back at it after 11 days away working...layering up the debris and


weekend big dragon boy progress! he now has two wings guuuys 😂👌 . During

! Murcia Today - Cartagena Spain News, Cartagena Spain Costa Calida Spain

Reinforcements of aggressors, inceptors and more intercessors. And then the rest is all for

After I tweeted my results, a whole pile of my C++ tribe also got their scores, and I even outscored a few! (Plus, I think they found a few bugs in the ...

That's what a steady diet of coffee and whisky will do to you. Just say no, kids.

Making it official!

Arlington Heights officials formally dedicated the new $27.9 million police station at 200 E. Sigwalt St. Monday night, following 20 months of construction ...

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1. Motivation. It comes and goes. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's nowhere to be found. Often when I'm just starting on a project, ...

Stop doing these 8 things for your Teen this School Year

Stroke in Dogs

When Paulo was giving his briefing, 3 minutes before the start, I missed it as I was still scrambling getting prepared, ...

Supreme satisfaction can still be found in things we overlook and often take for granted. Set aside expectations of switch flips, inverts, or back smiths, ...

I've spent the morning making hot cross buns. They're on to the second rising now & I have the cross mixture all ready to pipe on & then pop them into the ...

0877.01 tp

89, are here rendered T/89.

Educated_ A Memoir Tara by Westover Pages 51 - 100 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

All clean now

Paul Beaudin's loulou Gets American Yacht Club Spring Series Win

December 28th: added data for 2006 for Red Kite in the study area to page for this species; just 2 sites were occupied ...


#primarisinceptor #ultramarines #paintingwarhammer #gamesworkshop #warhammer40k

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There will still be a few lingering showers, and maybe even a rogue thunderstorm, but the severe threat remains very low.

Escher trying to muscle in on a discovered location not realising it is THE Stronghold of