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Oh gosh this took forever sorrryyyyyyy Art by Puppylove645

Oh gosh this took forever sorrryyyyyyy Art by Puppylove645


Oh gosh, this took forever, sorrryyyyyyy // Art by @Puppylove645

frodo for ashley baggins! i lOve this little boy and i had a lot of fun with this! sorry if i got anything wrong hhhh // i'm so sorry for the spam ...

My half an art trade with Ashley Baggins!! This little guy was extremely fun to draw and color, and I really hope I got the color patterns…

For @EchoLion! Why are all of my requests so late??? Anyways, I hope you like it!!! Profile made by @Puppylove645

This is my entry for masquerade contest. I'm extremely proud of the lighting and shading, the pose, everything.

Just a WIP, nothing to see here.

Just some RP characters I'd like to introduce.

Finished Frodo boy for Ashely Baggins! •By @AelaBrookshire . I hope you like this! I enjoyed drawing it. I made the ring a little big.

My goodness, I'm such a dork.

My contest entry! I thought of scout as the happy-go-lucky kind of dog!

For @Moondust's contest. I tried to be aesthetic, but I think I failed

Discover ideas about Thank You So Much

My half of an art trade with Ashley Baggins, their OC Frodo! Hope you like him ^w^ // art by @ellieh_

Sorry if things are blurry! I'll be digitalizing it soon.

//Cherish Every Moment\\ 3RD PLACE CONTEST FOR ASHLEY BAGGINS!! Here's you softie Stormy! Congrats! @peppermintfur

Art trade with Ashley Baggins! - by Brynn Kat

my entry for ash's birthday contest¡¡ @serenitysky Thank You So Much, People

Not very proud of this pose, but whatever.. I'm gonna go now :p.. @ Puppylove645

Style challenge No. 1 Ashley Baggin's style (Its my OC Violet)

YCH for Ashley Baggins! - by Brynn Kat

2/4 Art trade with Ashley uwu // by @Winter_Warrior Open Art,

Art trade with Ashley Baggins.Their OC Frodo.

Art by @Puppylove645

a few gifts for some cool peps i was thinking of

Trade art for Ashley Beggins Hope You, Thank You So Much, My Friend,

Cover of comic of @Taylor Stump because of a problem she has. Hope this

Candy gore themed art trade with Ashley Baggins!!!! Hope you like this

I wish I could've done this digitally, it would look much better.

This lil' boy is adorable. May Starclan light his path.

The art on this belongs to WalkingmelonsAAA. I love her art so much!

Sorry about the poor lighting. The lights on the bus, suck.

I feel like I messed up. I'm still working on more DBH refs, though.

My Square1Art this year. I'm really proud of this. Also, thanks

A design for a stop-motion figure I'm making.

“When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” ~

(The stickers are heavily referenced [Sorry that this isn't warrior cat related]). Gift for my boyfriend. This took wayyyy to long.

By @Puppylove645

happy birthday Ashley!! I hope you've been have a wonderful day and

Just bored Please give critique :)

Has anyone else heard of Be More Chill?

🎉Happy Birthday TDC!!!🎉 I included as many people as possible in

Great job to everyone that entered! This months character is named Rose. Whoever can draw Rose the best wins the digital art peice and a spot in my book!

My entry for Wolf_Blanc's contest!! I love Echo! She is my fav animal

Here is Rose for Wolf_Blanc's monthly contest .

hey! does anyone know any drawing programs that are free and available for imac?

First come first serve!

Here's the 100 follower banner! I couldn't get a good picture but I

GoOdnEss ThaNK IlYY

Thank You So Much, People Art, Art Boards, My Arts

{Sneak peek on a video} Ahhhh, I messed up Luther, not proud

I was really bored and decided to use my new 3D pen.. I think

I tried realism after I found myself some free time and water colors.

167 Best My Drawings images in 2019 | Love drawings, People art, Art boards

I'm currently on a 3 hour bus trip.

Go follow WolfBlanc. I can't wait for the first chapter to be released!

I think this is what you would count as Aesthetic? I have no idea.. by @ Puppylove645

Rose from The Divided! Character Contest

Kiwii for @RaindropSyndrome an art trade // by 🌙Luna⭐️


A hOrsey I drew at midnight with nO reF//@serenitysky People Art,

Hope You, Thank You So Much

2/4 Art trade with Ashley uwu // by @Winter_Warrior | Art for me in 2019 | Art, Open art, Amazing art