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The Haunter of the Ring MAGAZINES Weird Tales Pulp fiction art

The Haunter of the Ring MAGAZINES Weird Tales Pulp fiction art


Virgil Finlay's May 1952 issue of Weird Tales cover.

Margaret Brundage broke two taboos at the same time with her iconic covers for Weird Tales

Weird Tales of Margaret Brundage

Weird Tales Cover 1938 – Tales of Zothique story

He is Providence: An H. P. Lovecraft Primer & 5 Stories Free to Read Online

WEIRD TALES September 1934 cover of the American science fiction magazine - Stock Image

Weird Tales 45-07

Happy Halloween: Matt Fox Weird Tales Covers

Weird Tales 42-03

While his name may not be familiar to the more casual pulp fan, he was a prolific and successful pulp writer who authored more than 800 stories ...

Weird Tales 52-01

Weird Tales Vol. 32, No. 1 (July 1938), ed. by Farnsworth Wright. Chicago: Popular Fiction Publishing Co., pp. 132.

WEIRD TALES – 12/28 – Derleth, Quinn, Owen, REH verse, trimmed

Weird Tales 73-F

Weird Tales, Sept 1933 Margaret Brundage illustrating a scene in "The Slithering Shadow"

Cover of Weird Tales (May 1934) depicting Conan and Bêlit in Queen of the Black Coast, one of Robert E. Howard's original Conan stories.

Cover of October 1931 Weird Tales

Fantasy Magazine October 1950. - Stock Image

Cover Image. Weird Tales ...

WEIRD TALES August 1937 cover of American fantasy magazine - Stock Image

... pulp fiction magazine from 1925 that can be read online. If you haven't been following along, feel free to go back to the beginning and start here.

Weird Tales: 32 Unearthed Terrors

Weird Tales, May 1947. Cover story: None. Cover art by Matt Fox. Matt Fox could always be counted on to create unconventional images of totally conventional ...

Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage: Queen of Pulp Pin-Up Art: J David Spurlock, Stephen D. Korshak: 0884277934479: Amazon.com: Books

WEIRD TALES – 8/27 – Quinn, Long, Kline (1/3)

We aim to bring you the greatest releases in Weird Fiction and Cosmic Horror of the year.

Pulp magazines such as Weird Tales reprinted and popularized Gothic horror from the prior century.

WEIRD TALES – 8/28 – REH (the first Solomon Kane story – “Red Shadows”), Tennessee Williams (first published story), Hamilton, Long, trimmed

One of Worrell's three Weird Tales cover appearances

Notes: May 1934← Jun. 1934→Jul. 1934 Volume 23, Number 6. Page numbers run from 657 to 784 excluding the covers. A cover scan of the ...

The Haunter of the Ring Paperback – January 21, 2015

WEIRD TALES – 1/33 – REH (Conan – “The Scarlet Citadel”), Kline (“Buccaneers of Venus” 3/6), Leinster, Quinn, St. John cover

The Peacock's Shadow. Weird Tales ...

Pulp Fiction Art - Cheap Thrills and Painted Nightmares

Harold De Lay created four cover illustrations for "The Unique Magazine." His last appeared on the front of two issues, January 1944 and the penultimate ...

Red bordered magazine cover; the central illustration shows a man holding a supine woman. Weird Tales ...

Everil Worrell wrote nineteen stories for Weird Tales and made the cover three times. From top to bottom: "The Bird of Space" (Sept. 1926), art by E.M ...

Weird Tales [1938-03] cover Horror Fiction, Pulp Fiction Art, Pulp

But in the face of these attractions, what more might be offered for an entire quarter?

Weird Tales: Seven Decades of Terror: John Betancourt, Robert Weinberg: 9780760704035: Amazon.com: Books


image 0 ...

Weird Tales, December 1928, ninety years ago this month. Cover story: "The Chapel of Mystic Horror" by Seabury Quinn. Cover art by Hugh Rankin.

The Haunter of the Ring: Robert E. Howard: 9781473323216: Amazon.com: Books

The last Weird Tales I read was the March 1940 issue—the final one with Farnsworth Wright as editor. This number sees us almost three years into Dorothy ...

Were-sharks and Nazi leprechauns: the rise and fall of the horror paperback

Weird Tales, July 1941. Cover story: "The Robot God" by Ray Cummings. Cover art by Hannes Bok. (The man in the picture is almost certainly a self-portrait.)

Weird Tales 23-03

The Shadow on the Sky by August W. Derleth The Door to Saturn by Clark Ashton Smith The Smell by Francis Flagg The Door of Doom by Hugh B. Cave

THE BOOKS OF EARTHSEA. Illustrated by Charles Vess. Deluxe Leather Edition, One of

Strange Tales and True by Robert W. Sneddon The Infernal Shadow by Hugh B. Cave The Artist of Tao by Arthur Styron In the Lair of the Space Monsters by ...

Best known as ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION's primary cover artist from 1939 to 1953, Rogers' illustrations also graced the covers and interiors of ADVENTURE, ...

Between 1925 and 1951, Seabury Quinn wrote 93 supernatural mysteries for pulp magazine Weird Tales, featuring his tiny, dapper French investigator of the ...

The eye-catching Cover is by A. R. Tilburne, who also contributes a couple of interior illustrations (the first is merely okay but the one for the Quinn ...

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The Everlasting Joy of Terrifying Children

Weird Tales July 1925

Robert E. Howard's Conan the Cimmerian Barbarian: The Complete Weird Tales Omnibus

Weird Tales, Jan. 1932. Cover story: "The Monster of the Prophecy" by Clark Ashton Smith. Cover art by C.C. Senf, one of his best covers, I think.

STRANGE TALES, October 1932

Magazine cover showing a stylized Bronze Age soldier


STRANGE TALES, January 1933

“Halloween” and “Wildlife,” Reviewed | The New Yorker

Cover of the 1977 first edition of Robert Weinberg's Weird Tales Collector


Mike Ashley - Time Machines, The Story of the Science-Fiction Pulp Magazines From the Beginning to 1950 (PDF)

Lovecraft in 1934

Pulp writer Arthur J. Burks was fated to be better known for the quantity of his output than the quality of his fiction. A familiar name on many pulp covers ...

More Conan the Barbarian Stories by Robert E. Howard | Audiobook



Weird Tales Oct. 1925

The Creator of Doctor Strange Will Not See You Now

... [letter] · Miss Elvina Smith · lt

Haunter of the Ring & Other Tales

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Rivals of Weird Tales: 30 Great Fantasy and Horror Stories from the Weird Fiction Pulps


Tales of Conan (Gnome Press, 1955). Cover art by Ed Emshwiller.

WEIRD TALES - Volume 11, number 2: Wright, Farnsworth (editor)

Photo: J.V.Aranda