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The Scientist Who Cooks Up the Skies of Faraway Worlds Astronomers

The Scientist Who Cooks Up the Skies of Faraway Worlds Astronomers


PHOTO: Sarah Hörst in her lab at JHU

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Credit: University of Florida


While self-aware humans have long wondered whether Earth is the only place like itself, we — and our technology — are finally advanced enough to answer that ...

Astronomers discover solar system's most distant object, nicknamed 'FarFarOut'

Art for "Scientists Discover Exotic New Patterns of Synchronization"

Ross 128b is a possibly temperate, Earth-sized world circling a red dwarf just 11 light-years from Earth.

Faraway Worlds Planets Beyond Our Solar System

Shannon Hall

Faraway Worlds: Planets Beyond Our Solar System: Paul Halpern, Lynette R. Cook: 9781570916175: Amazon.com: Books

PHOTO: Inside the planetary atmospheric simulation chamber, various gasses get exposed to high-

Finding Alien Moons

A Goblin World That Points Toward Hidden Planet Nine in the Solar System - The New York Times

The two outer planets of the Kepler 62 system may lie in the habitable zone, where liquid water could exist on the surface.CreditAmerican Association for ...

PHOTO: Inside the planetary atmospheric simulation chamber, various gasses get exposed to high-

... "This piece went through numerous adjustments as William Welsh and I iterated back and forth about orbit lines, lightning on the planet's dark side, ...

PHOTO: The door to Hörst's office at Johns Hopkins University.

Mars Alien Secrets

Updated: For the first time, astronomers are tracking a distant visitor streaking through our solar system

Darkness Visible, Finally: Astronomers Capture First Ever Image of a Black HoleDarkness Visible, Finally: Astronomers Capture First Ever Image of a Black ...

Hörst's work is helping to identify possible signatures of life on distant planets.

There are three images for each supernova: before it exploded (left), after it exploded (middle), and the supernova itself (difference between the first two ...

Video player loading. Astronomers ...

PHOTO: A couch inside Hörst's office.

Cooking up Alien Atmospheres on Earth

CreditC. Kilpatrick/UC Santa Cruz and Carnegie Institution for Science, Las Campanas Observatory, Chile. Image. Astronomers using the ...

Most Earths yet to be born?

Colliding stars will light up the night sky in 2022


Art for "Galaxy Simulations Offer a New Solution to the Fermi Paradox "

Largest Unnamed Object in the Solar System Needs You … To Choose Its Moniker

University of Arizona astronomer gets unprecedented view of exploding star

Galaxy clusters like Abell 2744 can act as a natural cosmic lens, magnifying light from more distant, background objects through gravity.

Saturn's moon Titan has a key ingredient that could be used to cook up life

Astronomers May Have Found the First Exomoon

Artist's impression of a gas cloud swirling around a black hole. Credit: NAOJ. Astronomers ...

Far, far away it's hard to know what it going on

The quasar dates back to less than one billion years after the big bang.

24 Astronomy Facts You Never Learned in School

Travel trends for 2019: dark skies

Artist's impression of NGTS-1b and its red dwarf star (credit Mark Garlick & Uni Warwick)

A Map to Planet Nine: Hunting Our Solar System's Most Distant Worlds - The Crux

The New Age of Astrology

New NASA VR Apps Let You Take Space Selfies and Visit Strange New Worlds

Astronomers discover colossal, real-life 'Tatooine'

The M-51, or Whirlpool, Galaxy is one of the most studied galaxies in the universe, but Case Western Reserve University researchers have found a ...

Scientists discovered a planet waaaaay bigger than this one.

The Ant Nebula Actually has Intense Laser Emissions Coming From its Core

Intergalactic light beams might be just the ticket for making contact with space aliens

This solar system of seven Earth-sized planets may be the best place to look for alien life

The Vatican's Astronomer on God and the Stars

How Stargazing Became a Numbers Game

The Ugly Battle Over Who Really Discovered the First Earth-Like Planet | WIRED

NASA's Webb Telescope Will Provide Census of Fledgling Stars in Stellar Nursery

P/2016 BA14 PanSTARRS will be the nearest comet to pass by Earth for 246

Why Did It Take So Long to Find Proxima b?

Astronomers Tally All the Gold in Our Galaxy

Art for "The Sun Is Stranger Than Astrophysicists Imagined"

This illustration made available by NASA shows a comparison of the planets in the solar system

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The sky, our common and universal heritage, is an integral part of the environment perceived by humanity. Starting from this general idea, the Declaration ...

How Fast Is the Universe Expanding? Astronomers ...

University of Arizona scientists: Warped orbits beyond Neptune suggest an unseen 10th planet

“Pillars of Creation” is a photograph taken by the Hubble Telescope of elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula, some 7,000 light ...

Perseids meteor shower,Meteor,Science


Artist's concept of a young, red dwarf star surrounded by three planets. Image Credit

Reaching for stars: India is betting big on mega, multi-country science projects. "

Image:NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab

New sky census suggests the universe contains 10 times as many galaxies as thought

The magnificent Crab Nebula ...


This artist's concept depicts a planetary system. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. Scientists ...

Top 10 Exoplanets: Weird Worlds in a Galaxy Not So Far Away [Slide Show

How do we measure the distance to a galaxy and why is it so important?

Sci-Fi To Fact: Planet Hunters Find Worlds Like Earth

Dishes from the ASKAP array point skyward.

Amazing Star trails in Atacama desert Chile

Geodynamics in Planetary Science

Image credit: GigaGalaxyZoom, via the European Southern Observatory.


Hacking the Ionosphere, for Science

An X-ray image (in blue) with a zoom in optical image (

What is an exoplanet?

Earth's magnetic north is moving — here's a possible reason why - Business Insider

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Clouds Might Ruin Our Chance to Spot Extraterrestrial Life