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UK Government Extends Revolutionary 5G Project Drones Outdoor

UK Government Extends Revolutionary 5G Project Drones Outdoor


Smart retail infographic

#5G use cases like drones and connected streetlights are accelerating smart city initiatives across the


An autonomous tractor in Harper Adams 'Handsfree Hectare' - the sort of technology that could revolutionise farming productivity, if we solve the rural ...

Connected health infographic

Alphabet's drones and internet balloons graduate from its X lab | South China Morning Post


Google delivery drones cleared for Australian Airspace

To Fly Solo, Racing Drones Have a Need for AI Speed Training - IEEE Spectrum

Alphabet's drones and internet balloons graduate from its X lab | South China Morning Post


A software/hardware management platform from Intel and @ericsson will help CoSPs deliver new

Visitors stand next to an early Google Project Loon balloon. Photo: Handout

Will #5G be adopted for business applications before personal ones? Nearly 75% of

2016 - UK Government make plans for UK to be 5G leader

Coming soon: Eachine Tyro109 DIY FPV racing drone Fpv Drone, Leaf Blower, Outdoor

Illustrations of the letters 5G and IoT made up of device.

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Zipline drone

5G is superior to 4G, but can it work for your daily purposes? If not, whose?

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West Midlands' vision for urban drone technology

Digital Transformation: 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud and Mobile Edge Computing, Connected and Wearable Devices, ...

Cisco and network of partners to help address digital divide in the UK with 5G for rural communities

Alphabet's drones and internet balloons graduate from its X lab | South China Morning Post

From taxi drones to wearables, tech revolution shows no signs of slowing. Here are the top 100 gadgets to impact 2018.

To unlock #5G's full potential, Intel has developed tech for smarter base stations,

Bradford's vision for urban drone technology

5G report logo, link to report landing page

Drones, Drones Everywhere in Business


Vestberg added that Verizon's ability to deliver all eight currencies of 5G is dependent on its fiber, spectrum, network density, and real estate – and that ...

Smart retail

5G generic art

5G networks operate on a radio signal under a wireless radio access network (WRAN). For example, Gartner predicts that 20.8 billion devices will be ...

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UK Government Extends Revolutionary 5G Project

Listening to Stockhausen's 70-minute plus Stimmung begets an altered state of mind where time seems to spin in circles. Inspired by his own humming, ...

Canadian governments partner with digital heavyweights to prepare for 5G future

Global 5G smartphone shipments to grow from 2 million units in 2019 to an impressive 1.5 billion in 2025

Comba Telecom Partners With Parallel Wireless To Deliver 4G & 5G Open vRAN Solutions

An autonomous drone network that is self-sustaining is the only way to keep pace with the everyday tasks of the future such as mail delivery, grocery pick ...

Hermes 900 drone

the drone industry and how it will change with the introduction of 5G technology

Drones as Cyber-Physical Systems


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China launches a drone into near space – at an altitude of 25km. Photo:


It also will reduce latency significantly (giving people faster load times). In short, it will give wireless broadband the capacity it needs to power ...

Kalimat Telecom Selects Parallel Wireless for Network Build Out – PRNewswire

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Mobile subscriptions Q3 2018 (million)

Bradford Drone Use Cases 1

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This Autonomous Quadrotor Swarm Doesn't Need GPS

5G Will Go Rural But With Less Capacity

In fact, Skyward is expecting the commercial adoption of drones to double in the coming years!

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How a pilot in UK can pave way for rural launch of 5G in India

Aegis has been established since 1990 and is a leading provider of body armour, equipment vests, ballistic helmets and shields based in the UK.


Are Drones the Farm Aids of the Future?

In the past decade, an indisputable consolidation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has been produced based ...

UK based designer and builder of long endurance (1 hour mission time) multi rotor UAV / drones with long reach surveillance capabilities and high wind and ...

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Current Interoperability Method(s)

Small cells on a rooftop.

Major industries are already using drones and those that offer the most growth opportunity in the near future include construction, oil & gas, agriculture, ...

Police Aviation News

//www.gov.uk/government/consultations/5g -network-deployment-pilots-call-for-views

Barry Jenkins Comments on Counter Drones at Gatwick Airport


Based in South Wales, Drone Evolution is a commercial drones products and services company dedicated to changing the way that drones are used.

Innovative and Adaptive Digital Transformation Innovative and Adaptive Digital Transformation

Up Sonder is connecting the world to drones with our adaptable marketplace for businesses to book drone services. Today with marketplace 1.0 and in the ...

5G, Automation, Automotive, Drones, Healthcare,

Cobham Announces Successful AVIATOR UAV 500 Proof of Concept

5g city 2x1

AT&T's 5G service touched parts of 12 cities at the end of 2018, with nationwide service expected in 2020.


Prime minister Theresa May has given Huawei the green light to supply some "non-core" technology, such as antennas, for the UK's 5G infrastructure, ...

Lampposts and other street furniture look set to become part of the UK's next-generation 5G networks, hosting small cell telecommunications infrastructure ...

Cybersecurity insights

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To Fly Solo, Racing Drones Have a Need for AI Speed Training - IEEE Spectrum

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Piloted drone services streamlined to fly missions quicker, better, and safer