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Yde girl was found in 1897 in the Netherlands When found she was

Yde girl was found in 1897 in the Netherlands When found she was


Yde Girl. Remarkably preserved body discovered ...

1992 facial reconstruction by artist Richard Neave. The Yde Girl was ...

Yde Girl

Netherlands' Yde Girl. Yde Girl is a bog body found ...

Reconstructed face of the Yde Girl, a bog body found in the Netherlands and dated to 170 BCE - 230 CE.

Yde Girl Remarkably Preserved Body Discovered In A Peat Bog

Yde girl was found in 1897, in the Netherlands. When found she was very

Landscape setting gives unique insight in the life of Yde Girl

The Yde Girl's body

Yde Girl - a bog mummy found in 1897 in the Stijfveen Peat Bog near Yde in The Netherlands was uncannily well-preserved when discovered but when turned over ...

Calibrated result obtained for the bog body known as Yde Girl.

On 12 May 1897, turf cutters working near the village of Yde in the province of Drenthe found a black head with ginger hair. The workers stashed it under ...

Yde Girl

6 YDE GIRL Found in the Netherlands ...

Yde Girl. is a bog body found in the Stijfveen peat bog near the village

The task was daunting, because the mummy had been found 100 years earlier and had dried out so much that it was half its original size.

Meet Yde Girl, shown here in facial reconstruction on the left, with her remains

Yde Girl This is one of Europes bog bodies, found in 1897 by peat cutters. Read it

'Yde Girl', found in the Netherlands in 1897, shows she suffered from scoliosis & would have had trouble ...

Historical Context

3 Bog ...


X-ray of Yde Girl mummy showing spinal scoliosis - Stock Image - E439/0023 - Science Photo Library

Danish producer Ydegirl, aka Andrea Novel, takes her name from the ancient bog body found in the Dutch village of Yde. Found in 1897, her head was partly ...


Drawing on the work of Dutch bog-body scholar Wijnand van der Sanden, the following map charts more than 80 important finds and includes details on 12 of ...

The skull reconstruction was achieved using a CT scan and a polystyrene skull overlaid with a wax skin.

Excalibur Climbing Wall

In 1950, Tollund Man's discoverers “found a face so fresh they could only suppose they had stumbled on a recent murder.” (Christian Als)

The gruesome remains of prehistoric murder victims uncovered in Europe's bogs

Een hoogtekaart van de omgeving rond Yde. De vindplaats van het Meisje van Yde is

Yde Girl

... "Yde Girl" Memorial | by Lesneyman. "

Lindow Man is the name given to the naturally-preserved bog body of an Iron Age man, discovered in a peat bog at Lindow Moss, Mobberley side of the border ...

Similar Lindow Man, Windeby I, Grauballe Man, Clonycavan Man, Elling Woman

Yde Girl sketch by mlpfan1982 ...


Archaeologist holds the mummified body of Yde Girl - Stock Image - E439/0022 - Science Photo Library

The “Weerdinge Couple”—two men whose bodies were found

This exceptionally well preserved body was found in Denmark, and dated to about 2,000 years old. He is thought to have been hanged or strangled by the rope ...

bog body. Lindow Man aka Pete Marsh about 25 years at death, radiocarbon dated

After Richard III, is it time to dig up other famous skeletons?

Bog Body Stories to Read: Lindow Man / Tollund Man / Windeby / Yde Girl

Shortstay Groningen Drenthe. Shortstay Groningen Drenthe. Yde

Vanmorgen op excursie geweest naar de vindplaats van het meisje van Yde. Goed georganiseerd,

Yde Girl 100 B.C.-A.D. 50 Found in Drenthe, The Netherlands in 1897 A small percentage of bog bodies are children. Yde Girl appears to have been strangled ...

Dwingeloo Radio Observatory

Lake Fong, Post-Gazette Deborah G. Harding, left, a collections manager for the anthropology section of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and Dr. Vincent ...

Yde Girl Remarkably Preserved Body Discovered In A Peat Bog

Bog bodies

Image: Drents Museum, Assen Netherlands

Bog Bodies of Northern Europe

Reconstruction of the Girl of the Uchter Moor

Yde girl was only mummified because she was thrown into a bog. It was accidental.

Yde Girl

De Caravan

Bog Borderlands

2000 year old body peat bog

Eleonora and Ethel Olson

She's also now at Silkeborg Museum. It's thought that both were ritual sacrifices, perhaps at a time of severe hunger. /8pic.twitter.com/fUBBy6seIY

Yde girl

Europe - the Netherlands / Yde girl

Yde Girl, one of the most famous of #BogBodies

Archaeologists Found Osterby M... is listed (or ranked) 10 on the

English teenage girl claims she was gang raped by five young Syrian migrants: Girl,

Yde Girl (Paperback): Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn

Haraldskær woman was found in 1835 in Denmark. She was nude except for a leather


IRON-AGE BODIES (Illustration) Ancient Places and/or Civilizations Geography History Social

Near This Place. Zwiggelte, Netherlands

meisje van yde

Display of the remains in the museum

WINDEBY GIRL • Discovered in Germany in 1952 • She is a teenage girl who was killed some 2,000 years earlier and buried in the bog.

... 21.


... was found … Kayhausen Boy - Remains of the Kayhausen Boy

P.V. Glob

Denmark: Tollund Man, Skrydstrup Woman

Hotels Yde Girl. Hotel de Vriezerbrug

The remarkably-preserved face of Tollund Man, who was hanged in a Danish bog


Today we visited the archaeology department of the Drents museum in Assen. Making plans for

File:Meisje van Yde, Drents Museum, N1897 VI1 - 2.jpg

10 Ancient Bodies Preserved in the Bogs of Europe

more work

Het Meisje van Yde In the Drents Museum, Assen

... the kind of porridge he had consumed prior to death. Apart from that, there's very little else we know about him for sure. /7pic.twitter.com/IVn6lKqSiK

Yde Girl Ancient Crimes and Sacrifice page 1

Philosopher, Psychologist, Writer John Dewey

bog body. Clonycavan Man (partial figure) death age early 20s, dated 392

Book covers in Danish, Dutch, English and German - the modern languages of countries where the bog people featured in this book were found:

The Bog Bodies at the Schleswig-Holstein Landesmuseum

... had some sort of special status; 37.

Bog People, P.V. Glob (photos) - Van R. C. Wisner site | Bog Finds | Tollund man, Bog body, People